Amazon Echo Show Is Now More Than Half

December 3, 2022 0 Comments

Amazon’s smallest smart screen is back on sale at one of the best prices we’ve ever seen. If you missed the chance to get the Echo Show 5 back on Prime Day, you can get it now for just. This is a 53% discount on the normal price and only more than at Amazon’s two-day shopping event. Here you can get the recent model, the 2022 version with a 2MP camera for video calls. The children’s version of the gadget was also reduced, which is almost half of the usual tariff.We have repeatedly recommended the Echo Show 5 in the past as a solid and compact smart display that also works as a smart alarm clock. You may not have a lot of space for another gadget on your desk, bedside table or countertop, but the Show 5 should fit even in the tightest of spaces.

It has a 5.5-inch screen with a resolution of 960 x 480, which displays things like weather forecasts, calendar events, photos and much more. The 2MP camera can be used for video chat with friends and family, but can also be used as a temporary surveillance camera. When you are not at home, you can access the camera to check what is happening in your house. And if you prefer not to use the camera at all, the Show 5 has a built-in camera shutter (with a mute switch on the microphone) to give you more privacy.

We were also impressed by the audio quality of the Show 5. Although you won’t get as rich sound as with a dedicated speaker, the Show 5 sends a good sound and also gets quite loud. If you have the Show 5 on your bedside table, you can use it as a smart alarm clock and use the gadget’s tap-to-snooze function, which allows you to turn off the alarm with a single touch on the top of the device. Ultimately, the Echo Show 5 is one of the most affordable ways to bring Alexa into your home when it’s for sale. It’s currently the same price as the Echo Dot, so if you’d rather have a screen to see certain information or check things like security cameras, track recipe videos, etc., the Echo Show 5 is the best buy.

The Echo Show 5 Kids is essentially the same as the standard smart display, but it’s available in fun colors and gives you one year of access to Amazon Kids+. It’s the company’s subscription service, which includes a number of videos, games, books and more kid-friendly, and many of them are directly accessible on Show 5. In addition, the children’s version has advanced parental controls, so you can set usage restrictions and bedtime, check activity and track how your child can use the gadget.

If you prefer to ignore the display and opt for a gadget with even better sound quality, the full-size Echo remains on sale. It’s a record and a return to its Prime Day price. It has been one of our most popular smart speakers since it was released in 2021, thanks to its high audio quality, optional 3.5mm jack for input and output, and its ability to play stereo sound when you combine two.

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