Awesome Streaming Gadgets for Students

December 14, 2022 0 Comments

Listen, students: you deserve better than watching movies on a laptop in bed. If you really want to immerse yourself in a movie (or a game, or a TV show), nothing beats a good TV. And it turns out that you do not need to invest thousands of dollars to get started with a decent enjoyment system in a dorm. LCD TVs and streaming devices are inexpensive than ever. So leave this notebook for school assignments-consider these inexpensive ways to improve your movie and gaming experience.

TVs for small rooms

Series 4 TCL 43 inches

A TV with a built-in Roku or Google TV is one of the easiest ways to stream content, so it’s perfect for most students. This Series 4 TCL model is equipped with a 4K display (with zoom from lower resolution sources) and HDR for better dynamic range. But the best part is that you can usually find it for less than. It is not the most feature-rich TV from TCL (the Series 5 costs around more and adds Dolby Vision), but it is one of the best options at this price. And its size is 43 inches and is small enough to fit in most dorms, while providing enough screen space for you to immerse yourself in the movie.

Vizio m-Series Quantum of 43 inches

A small update compared to the entry-level d-Series TVs from Vizio, the M-Series TVs are more suitable for gamers thanks to support for billions of colors and FreeSync from AMD (which makes the gameplay smoother). It also has a response time of less than 10ms-not the fastest on the market, but fast enough that most games can be played without feeling after. It also looks quite modern, with a frameless 3-sided design. Best of all, it’s pretty affordable starting. And if you need these functions on a large screen, you can increase it to 75 inches (imagine it in a cramped dormitory).

Bigger and better TVs

55 Inch Tcl 5 Series

The Tcl Series 5 kits are available in the Google TV or Roku versions and offer a high price. These include Dolby Vision support, a wide color palette with quantum dots and many local backlight areas for controlling black and contrast. You will notice an important visual update compared to the other budget packages mentioned, so we recommend that you switch to this one if you have a keen eye. The slim design of the frameless 5 series is also very modern and supports Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple HomeKit.

Essential accessories for streaming

Chromecast with Google TV

If you are an avid Google user, there is no better streaming device than Chromecast with Google TV. Unlike previous versions of Google puck, it has its own interface, as well as a number of streaming applications to choose from. And yes, you can still stream videos from Android devices or the Chrome browser. Chromecast is a good option if you’re buying a inexpensive TV, but be sure to check if your TV supports Chromecast streaming.

Roku 4K streaming card

If you have an older TV or just want something more compact than the built-in apps on your device, it’s worth enjoying Roku 4K streaming. it costs only (and often less), supports 4K (with HDR and Dolby Vision) and gives you access to the entire roku app library. But the best thing is that it is so small that you can easily take it with you when you are on the road. The 4K streaming card also supports Apple AirPlay, which allows you to stream videos from iOS and Mac devices. With the included Roku voice remote control, you can also easily find the right things without touching the on-screen keyboard.

Roku Streambar

Streambar is an unusual device. It is both a decent soundbar and a unit for multimedia streaming. It looks like Roku. Honestly, if you take a TV, you really should think about some kind of sound bar. (We have a whole guide dedicated to this.) but here we recommend Streambar, because it is a relatively simple and inexpensive solution that solves two common problems: get streaming apps and improve the sound. It’s also nice to have the opportunity to listen to music next to you when you don’t see anything. For even more sound, you can also consider the Streambar Pro a little more expensive.

Jabra Elite 45h Wireless headphones

If you live with roommates (or in a place with thin walls), wireless headphones will certainly come in handy. We recommend the Jabra Elite 45h, as they are relatively inexpensive, sound good and have a very comfortable design. They connect to most TVs or set-top boxes via Bluetooth, or you can simply connect the cable to the Roku remotes. 45 Hours is enough for 50 hours of battery life and is of course useful far beyond your living room. They are easy to carry all day, wherever you are.

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