Dell Inspiron Review Powerful and Affordable

January 9, 2023 0 Comments

Perhaps the Dell Inspiron 7373 looks chic and seems to be the best wählte to do with the Dell XPS. However, this is not the machine we thought It would be.


Dell-Laptop range is very simple. You have the XPS range, which is now considered one of the best Windows laptop lines, and then move on to the Inspiron series with the 7000 series at the top and the 3000 series at the bottom. There is also a 5000 series, but in this review we look at the Dell Inspiron 7373, which is part of the 7000 series. Because of its hierarchy, the 7373 is the best thin and lightweight laptop you can buy from Dell after the XPS. On Paper, it offers specs A little worse THAN It XPS 13, highlighted by the recent Intel processor, but is that enough to justify its Well, we used the machine for over a week to find out.

Build and Design

The 7000 series is known for its build quality. The Inspiron 7373 offers here front and rear an all-aluminum shell, light to the touch and quite robust. It is easily one of the best built laptops at its price. However, don’t expect build quality to match Dell’s XPS lineup, which is still a Note above. An aluminum shell also reduces the possibility of Flex, so if you’re a heavy-handed typist, you’ll be glad to know that There’s no Flex-on the keyboard deck. The same applies to the screen, which, in addition to an aluminum cover, is also protected by a glass facade and has no curvature under normal torsional conditions. However, we think Dell could have stretched the lower panels to the hinges, which would have been better. In addition, the edges around the keyboard are a bit sharp and dig into your wrists after sorgen typing periods. Overall, we are very pleased with the build quality of the laptop and the battery indicator on the cover is a really nice touch.

The opening of the back cover shows the layout of the system, which includes a 38Wh battery which is only large and not large capacity. Both speakers are located on either side of the battery and, as you can see, the processor is cooled by a single fan cooler. The memory is soldered to the motherboard and only the 512GB SATA SSD is user replaceable. On the other hand, it is not so easy to open this laptop, and even if you do, the Warranty disappears.

Display and I / O

The 13.3-inch display offers the standard resolution-1920 x 1080p nutzen, and an IPS LCD panel. The Screen ein good Color Fidelity and viewing angles are also satisfactory. The glossy touch screen gets a little reflective in bright light, but is not a real Deal Breaker. The panel is manufactured by Sharp and is as bright as other laptops in the category and offers touch support with Input Touch Technology. You can use an active Mandrel with The display, but unfortunately Dell does not provide one with The laptop and must be purchased separately.

While the display is just good enough, we are happy to announce that the slim and lightweight 13-inch notebook one of the best I/O options we’ve seen at this price for some time. It has two USB-3.0-standard type A ports on both sides. There is a USB 3.0 Type-C Gen 1 port, HDMI output, 3.5 mm headphone/microphone jack and an SD card slot. This is more than its competitors have to offer. However, Dell held back on the Thunderbolt Port that is found on the Dell XPS 13 and other computers like the Yoga 720. In addition, The laptop still nutzen the Standard USB charger, and Dell could easily have-the ersetzen through a futuristic USB Type-C port.

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