Got Even Better Review for Hp Spectre X360

December 23, 2022 0 Comments

The HP Spectre X360 2018 fixes small gaps left by HP in previous iterations. It has everything you could need from a laptop of this caliber that not only works premium, but also looks pretty premium.


I was very impressed when I got my hands on the new HP Spectre X360 2018. It has everything (at least on paper) you might expect from a thin and light high-end convertible. In addition, the rather unorthodox design distinguishes it from its competitors. Not everyone at Digit has the same opinion about the appearance, but at least no one can say that it is also another “Apple MacBook Air” copy.

HP’s Spectre range has undergone numerous changes in its annual reincarnations following its reincarnation in this golden (now copper) and matte black avatar in 2016. Over the years, HP has refined the design both externally and internally to a level where it looks almost perfect. The last two iterations have had slight heating issues, but this year HP has also found a way to alleviate this problem. Therefore, this new version should be good in all respects, but is this the cover?

Building and Designing

Back when the spectrum was originally introduced, HP experimented with a glass lid and had a body volume control on the side. I’d be lying if I said I don’t like the body volume control, but times have changed. The volume control may have been lost over time, but the HP Spectre still looks special (different) compared to its modern counterparts. Among the various machines with a homogeneous appearance, the copper and matte black (dark ash silver) appearance of the spectrum does not resemble any laptop you can find on the market. This color combination, although “blingy”, combined with the feel and build quality of the device, can only be called” premium”. Your opinion may differ on the only color option in India, but there is no denying that this is such a high-end laptop as you can buy today.

When viewed from the side, the all-aluminum shell is quite sturdy and has no tearing bends in the body itself. The screen has a small flex turned on, but not something that a laptop might experience in the daily hustle and bustle. The exterior of the laptop has not changed radically compared to the 2017 model, but there are some subtle visible changes. The rear edges, for example, are now strongly inclined, in contrast to the rounded design of the previous model. The edges around the top of the screen are now slightly more square and the four rubber feet have been reduced to two rubber feet that go through the base of the machine. Overall, the HP Spectre x360 2018 is as detailed as it replaces. These are meticulous details like the sloped back panel that visually hides the rear vents, and we all hate to see hideous vents on laptops. Therefore, it retains elegance, thanks to smart technology and design.

Display and I / O

When you open the laptop, you have a vibrating touch screen of 1920 x 1080p. the color fidelity is pretty accurate when you come out of the box, and the viewing angles are pretty good as well. A convenient feature that borrows the spectrum from the HP Elitebook series is HP Sure View technology, which allows users to hide the content of the ad from prying eyes at the touch of a button. This essentially gives the screen a washed-out look for anyone who isn’t sitting right in front of the laptop.

That is, the display has some shortcomings. First, the brightness of the screen, which seems good to me, but could have been better. Then there is the touch screen made of Gorilla Glass itself, which offers scratch resistance but is quite reflective. Not only that, like most touch screens, is a fingerprint magnet.

As for the touch screen itself, it is accurate enough to take notes using the included stylus and equally intuitive when you press something on the screen with your finger. The good part is that the hinge of the screen is so resistant that it does not fall back when you touch it in normal laptop mode. Since it is an x360, the screen can be folded all the way back, making it a slightly heavy but powerful tablet on which you can also draw. The drawing skills of the machine are not as robust as its note-taking skills, but there is nothing to complain about as it is not a machine dedicated to the artists, although ideally it should have been.

In this new variant 2018, HP has also added a microSD card reader, which, I do not think, solves the problem of not having a dedicated SD card slot, but it is there. In addition, they have two USB 3.1 Type-C ports that support Thunderbolt 3 (both) and a single USB Type-A port (very popular). Well, before you lose your head to buy dongles, HP also takes care of it. There are almost all kinds of dongles that come with this one, even a multiple port and I think other laptop manufacturers should do the same (Apple, do you hear?).

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