Must See Review for Hyperx Alloy Fps Pro

January 12, 2023 0 Comments

The HyperX Alloy FPS Pro is designed for a niche audience that needs a portable mechanical keyboard. It does not have a numeric keypad, the form factor is small, and the cable is detachable. The lack of the number keypad can immediately scare off some people who use it regularly. However, if most of their use does not require a number keyboard and they are mainly games, you may prefer a smaller keyboard. The form factor is smaller compared to other mechanical keyboards, so there is less space on your desktop. Detachable cable is a luxurious feature needed for portability. This reduces the load on the cable when it is transported. But they did not include a carrying cover, as seen on the alloy FPS.

We did not notice any compromises in the build quality. The chassis has a metal frame on the top that houses the switches. The quality of the keycap is the same as that of keyboards with a similar price. The shaft of the cap is dense enough not to wear out easily. With the introduction of a detachable cable, the risk of damage increases if you periodically loosen the cable.

All of the above features are rarely found on any other mechanical keyboard. If you’re looking for those specific features on a gaming keyboard, the Pro is a solid choice to consider. However, if you do not need a detachable cable and you do not mind a slightly thicker keyboard, you should opt for the Cooler Master MasterKeys Pro s entscheiden.Es has more features and almost the same build quality. However, it is also difficult to find it online with suitable prices.

Detailed review of HyperX Alloy FPS Pro introduction

The competitive gameplay does not require most of the keys on the keyboard. If you like something like this, you wouldn’t mind the lack of the dial. The next level would be to use gamepads, but that would mean you can’t use it for tasks other than games. Here, the variants of keyless keyboards or TKL form a common basis. Almost all major manufacturers have released a TKL variant of their mechanical gaming keyboards. Another niche of games also wants the portability of their devices. They prefer a small form factor keyboard that can be stuffed into a pocket to be worn at tournaments. Mechanical keyboards are usually bulky due to the additional weight of the metal plate and switches. However, not all TKL keyboards are portable. The HyperX Alloy FPS pro meets players with all these requirements.

Features And Accessories

Some device manufacturers like Zowie and HyperX with products for competitive gamers tend to ignore gimmicky features. They contain only the basic and necessary functions. Therefore, it is difficult to find USB or audio pass-through ports or even software support. The same goes for the Alloy FPS Pro. The complete inversion of the N keys can be found on this keyboard. This means that all your keys will be saved, even if you press several keys at the same time. Full support for multimedia control is available through the modification buttons. They are accessible in combination with the Fn key. The switches are illuminated by monochrome red LEDs with key illumination. So no RGB madness on this keyboard. There is no software support, but the lighting can be controlled from the keyboard. This includes cycling through the different lighting effects and brightness levels. You also get a Windows lock toggle.

The HyperX Alloy keyboard series includes authentic Cherry MX mechanical switches. Available in all three red, blue and brown switch variants, we found only the red variant listed online. The largest variant, Alloy FPS, included additional structured keycaps in the package, as well as a keycap puller. But you do not get these accessories on the Pro. The detachable cable is a wonderful feature. There is no support for macro recording. This is a small shortcoming of HyperX, since other keyboards implement macro recording on the fly without software support.

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