Now Very Good Review for Infinix Hot S3 Review

December 26, 2022 0 Comments

The Infinix Hot S3 has some potential on paper, but it’s ultimately the third or fourth choice. The phone offers a good aspect ratio of 18: 9 and has Android 8.0, but the performance and the camera require some revisions.

Detailed review of the INFINIX HOT S3

Nowadays, there is no shortage of good smartphones if you have a modest budget. Whether it’s two cameras, large batteries or even screens in 18: 9 format-you have many options to meet your different needs. Among them is the infinix Hot S3 smartphone, which offers some of these options. The phone is available at a competitive price and on paper (in terms of specifications), and in appearance the phone is as beautiful as its competitors. That is, the hot S3 appears for very competitive reasons and will face fierce competition from Xiaomi Redmi Note 5, Lenovo K8 Plus and more. Can he hold his own? Let’s break down the results in this review.

Building and designing

There was a time when economic smartphones were terrible and looked cheap, but no more. Most of today’s budget smartphones have a monocoque design, and some even have metal back plates. The Infinix Hot S3 only has the old one, but this plastic back has a smooth matte surface that feels good in the hand. The 18: 9 aspect ratio is a growing trend on smartphones and it is very useful to see the supported content. The Infinix Hot S3 is one of the few phones that it offers with support below 10k. The phone does not look very good with the LG Q6, but the screen is a distinctive feature at the moment. The overall construction of the phone looks average, and the ergonomics are pretty good even with this rather large (one-handed) 5.65-inch screen. This means that we would have preferred if the phone had a metal back to give it a premium feel.

In addition, Infinix has tried to add some nice details here, such as the beveled edges (on the plastic back) and the textured power button. A USB Type-C port would have been welcome, but we could expect more.

Display and user interface

Like most smartphones, the Infinix Hot S3 has a reliable IPS LCD with good viewing angles and gets pretty bright. The color fidelity is very good, but the only problem we find with the display is the resolution. On a 5.65-inch display, you will only get a resolution of 1440 x 720 HD+. This looks good considering the low price, but in our experience something just below the 1080p resolution is usable on a screen of this size, no wonder.

As we saw in our first impressions, the XOS interface looks a little outdated, and our opinion has not changed after prolonged use of the phone. We appreciate the fact that Infinix offers Android 8.0 right away, and does not try to imitate the iOS interface. However, the interface does not look as refreshing or new as the standard Android Oreo interface. However, the functionality remains quite simple, with the standard approach without an application drawer. You will receive a small set of pre-installed applications such as PHX Browser, Flipkart, some native apps like music player, theme manager and much more. While this is all simple and easy to use and understand, we believe the UI integration could have been better. Apps like the Theme Manager request call permissions that seem irrelevant. There is a memory cleanup button that gamifies the simple RAM cleaning experience into a neat animation. We have the attraction that gives users a bad idea about the performance, but we believe that Infinix could have easily built it in the background. The other thing we noticed is the slight stuttering while scrolling. This is especially noticeable when surfing.

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