Sony Smart Tennis Sensor Equips Rackets

December 17, 2022 0 Comments

We took a close look at Sony’s tennis gadget at CES, and after a launch in Japan in May, the accessory is ready to launch in the United States and Canada. The smart tennis sensor fits Wilson, Prince and Yonex rackets well to capture information about their swing, serve and more in a companion app for iOS and Android. You can also opt for the memory mode to store the details of up to 12,000 shots with the internal memory for post-match Analysis. The Add-on is IP65 certified to keep water and dust at bay while you collect data about your game. As you might expect, in addition to Action tracking, you can send your progress to all your friends via the social network of your choice. There is no specific word yet on a North American arrival date, but Sony says Wilson will start selling the gadget through its “retail channels” at the end of January 2015.”Even if you have to wait a whole year after the device comes out of the cover for the first time, you can catch at least one before nature beckons you with spring weather.

Bought two of them, the Japanese Version and the new American Version. Great tool to evaluate your performance and progress. The only problem with The tool-it’s not easy to share your data with your Coach or other people unless you give them your PSN user ID/PSN password. Screenshots don’t work as well due to scrolling – you have to take two screenshots. The share icon is present, but for some reason The camera is displayed

Sony has launched a smart sensor for aspiring tennis players after the device was first presented at CES 2014.

The device fits the end of your tennis racket, and with apps for iOS and Android in tow, you can sync your racket with your device via Bluetooth to analyze things like ball bounce, speed and momentum. The device has been available in Japan for some time, but it is now available in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Australia and New Zealand.

The app also offers a real-time data mode for players, which may not seem too convenient at first glance, as a player may not want to take their phone to the seat. But it should be noted that The mobile application is compatible with Android Wear Smartwatches, which suddenly makes the Real-time Facet much more attractive.

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