The New Wifi Smart Lock Drops on Market

December 10, 2022 0 Comments

There are tons of smart locks on the market, but one of our favorites is still the August 4th generation WiFi Smart Lock. Usually, the IOT gadget is on sale for Prime Day. That’s off and the best price we’ve ever seen. There is also a set with the lock and its keyboard on sale for 30% discount, for a total.

The smart lock received a rating of 80 from us at the review in this year. August has improved the previous version by making this model slimmer and connected to WiFi, which means that you do not need a deck to use it in your home. The configuration is quite simple, since the lock fits into most of the existing latches, but be sure to visit the company’s support page to make sure that it works with your lock.

We also appreciate the fact that the configuration process requires you to enable two-factor authentication and add an additional layer of security that is required. This version of the Smart Lock also supports Bluetooth encryption, as well as 128-bit AES and TLS encryption.The purpose of a smart lock is to control the entrance to your house when you are not there. August’s device allows you to lock or unlock your door remotely with the companion app for smartphone, so you can let your friends and family members into your home even when you are not there.

You can also send them time-limited input keys so they can type on their own. We also appreciate the automatic locking function of the device, which automatically secures the door when the device detects that it has been closed. And you do not have to worry if you are not ready to part with your old-school body keys-they will still work, even if the smart August lock is installed, so you will always have another way to get into your house.

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